"La Police Communautaire Aux Etas-Unis," Les Cahiers de la Securite
Interieure, 13 (May-June,1993), 121-149.
This article first reviews the concept of community policing in the United States, with
a special focus on the role of the public in identifying problems and setting
neighborhood priorities, and on citizen involvement in problem solving projects. It
then presents a brief history of the emergence of the concept. The bulk of the paper
describes the findings of evaluations of six community policing programs in six cities:
Baltimore, Oakland, Birmingham, Madison, Houston and Newark. Reference is also
made to evaluations conducted in Flint, Hartford, Minneapolis and Champaign, and
an earlier foot patrol study in Newark. There is a discussion of the political, social
and organizational issues faced in implementing these programs, and a summary of
the findings of evaluations examining their impact on victimization, fear, disorder,
drug crime, and satisfaction with police services.
Community Policing