Social Change and the Future of Violent Crime
I got it wrong - forecasting is hard!
The Changing Distribution of Big-City Crime
a time-series analysis of crime trends in 32 large cities; finds that the city-level demographic
correlates of crime shifted over time, in response to suburbanization
Crime and Punishment
a book chapter on politics and policy in corrections
Traffic and the Courts: Social Change and Organizational Response
a historical and time series examination of traffic regulation in Chicago
The State of Knowledge About Crime in the United States
a tour de force through criminology
Securite dans les Grandes Villes Americanes (in French)
Crime Trends
Crime Decline in Chicago: A Working Paper
Crime and Criminals - Trends in Crime
overview of factors related to crime trends, with some comparative data
Chicago Since 1840: A Time-Series Data Handbook
With Chris Maxwell and Joel Garner
Collective Efficacy and Violence in Chicago Neighborhoods  A Reproduction Study