“Crime, Disorder and Decay in Chicago’s Latino Community.” Journal of Ethnicity in
Criminal Justice, 2004, 2 (no. 1-2), 7-26.
`This article utilizes results of citywide surveys to examine trends in Chicago during the 1990s
in the extent of crime, social disorder, and physical decay.  These trends depict a tale of three
cities, for trends in neighborhood problems differed dramatically for Whites, Blacks, and
Latinos.  All fared differently, and no group was “average.”  By the beginning of the new
century, Whites saw some improvement in neighborhood conditions, and Blacks experienced
major improvements, but conditions for Latinos actually worsened.  Analysis indicates that a
combination of language and geographical concentration were among the factors associated
with worsening conditions.  The paper concludes with the recommendation that the city, the
police department, and the community itself redouble their efforts to address the problems
facing Latinos in Chicago.
Disorder and Crime