"Reactions to Crime in Cross-national Perspective," in Anna Frate, Ugi Zvekic and
Jan Van Dijk (eds.), Understanding Crime, Experiences of Crime and Crime Control.
Rome: United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, 1993,
This paper examines popular reactions to the threat of crime. Unlike a great deal of research
on fear, this paper does not dwell on perceptions or emotional states; rather, it focuses on
what they do as a reaction to the threat of crime. It examines three distinctive clusters of
crime-related behaviors: the precautions that people take to insulate themselves from personal
attack, the things they do to protect the place where they live, and gun ownership. The paper
examines these issues across the 14 nations included in the 1989 sweep of the International
Crime Survey. Slightly over 28,000 persons were interviewed in the survey.