Procedural Justice, Legitimacy and Trust in the Police
This page links to research on procedural justice, legitimacy and trust in the police. The research is
being conducted in Chicago, Buenos Aires, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Belgium and Eastern Europe.  Other
members of the research team are Maarten Van Craen (Leuven University, Belgium), Nicole Haas (
The Netherlands), Sanja Kutnjak Ivkovich (Michigan State), Ivan Sun (University of Delaware), Jessica
Chi Mei Li (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Diego Felitas (Buenos Aires), Bonnie Yuning Wu
(Wayne State University) and Vicente Riccio (Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil)
Ethnic Minority Groups Trust in the Police
Summary: A Survey of Chicago Police Officers
Chicago Studies
Summary: An Experiment in Procedural Justice Training
Police Training Experiment - ESC Conference Presentation Sept 2014
Working Papers
lead author Maarten Van Craen
lead author Maarten Van Craen
Trust in the Belgian Police: The Importance of Responsiveness
Surveying Police Officers
Training Police for Procedural Justice
lead author Wesley G. Skogan
Paper on Police Training Prepared for the President's Task Force on 21st Century
Explaining Officer Compliance: Procedural Justice
and Trust inside a Police Organization
lead author Nicole Haas
Then they asked me to testify on community policing, so I wrote
another paper that can be found on the community policing  page
lead author Wesley G Skogan
Procedural Justice Training -IACP Conference October 2015
The New York Times summarized the findings of articles on
this page. Here is a link to the story:
Achieving Fairness in Policing: The Link Between Internal
and External Procedural Justice
New York Times article
lead author Maarten Van Craen
Summary: The Chicago Community Survey
Officer Support for Use of Force Policy The Role of Supervision
lead author Maarten Van Craen
Stop & Frisk as an Organizational Strategy
Here it is in French
Stop & Frisk and Trust in the Police ih Chicago