The Reactions to  Crime Project 1976-1985
The Reactions to Crime (RTC) Project was a large cooperative agreement between  
the National Institute of Justice and Northwestern University's Center for Urban Affairs.
This page archives many unpublished and difficult-to-find RTC documents from the
period 1976-1980s.
The Reactions to Crime Project Executive Summary
The executive summary overviews the main findings of the project’s
research lines, and summarizes the main data collection activities.
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The Reactions to Crime Project (a published summary)
The Literature Review
The RTC literature review was the first product of the project, and it provided the
research underpinning of many of our later data collection and writing projects.
Three-City RTC Survey Methods Report
ICPSR Data Documentation and Availability
The RTC report provides an extensive documentation of the project’s city and
neighborhood surveys in San Francisco, Philadelphia and Chicago. 5,121
interviews were completed. See in addition the ICPSR data documentation; the
original data are available through them.
Kidder & Hollins  Urban Communities and Reactions to Crime
Brooks  The Politics of Crime in Philadelphis and San Francisco
I asked Steve to spend three weeks profiling the politics of crime in the three
RTC cities. Two months later he came back with a huge study of Philadelphia.
Eventually this at least became a two-city summary.
Lavrakas et al  Community and Individual Crime Prevention Behaviors
Lewis & Maxfield. Fear of Crime in the Neighborhoods
Lewis  Sociological Theory and the Production of a Social Problem
Lewis and Salem. Community Crime Prevention
Skogan & Maxfield Coping With Crime
Consider this a rough draft of our later book by the same title. It is
perhaps more descriptive than the final product.
Dubow & Podolefsky  Correlates of Participation in Collective Responses to Crime
Dubow & Podolefsky Participation in Collective Responses to Crime
These  reports combine field work with the findings of the RTC Three-City Survey
Hunter  Symbols of Incivility, Social Disorder and Fear of Crime
The opening statement on a theme which was one of the biggest
theoretical contributions of the RTC Project
Studies of Personal, Household and Neighborhood Protective Behaviors
Baumer & Hunter  Street Traffic, Social Integration and Fear of Crime
Baumer  Personal Protective Behaviors and the Threat of Crime
Hollins  Fear of Crime and Dimensions of Community Response
Studies of Fear of Crime
Baumer & Dubow  Fear of Crime in the Polls What They Do and Do Not Tell Us
Skogan  Fear of Crime and Risk Management in Urban Communities
Maxfield  Reactions to Fear: Indirect Costs and Adaptive Behaviors
Kidder & Cohn  Personal Theories About The Causes of Crime
Methodological Overview of the Reactions to Crime Project
Collective Responses to Crime
The 1979 Chicago Metro Area Survey

This survey encompassed the entire Chicago area. It formed the basis for one chapter
of Coping With Crime, "Moving to the Suburbs as a Reaction to Crime"  1803 RDD
respondents, with community-level contextual data for each respondent.
Metro Survey ICPSR Codebook and access to data
This article was one of the first to implicate disorder in fear of crime