"The Impact of Victimization on Fear," Crime and Delinquency, 33 (January, 1987), p.
This report examines the relationship between criminal victimization and fear of crime. Past
research has been surprisingly inconclusive about this issue, and some people's fears have
been branded "irrational" because the two did not appear to be tightly linked. However, the
data analyzed here indicate that victimization affects both fear-related attitudes and behavior
in a clear and consistent manner. This report also suggests that the impact of victimization is
relatively uniform. Some research has indicated that certain groups are especially affected by
crime, a claim that might be used to justify special treatment for selected vitims and has been
used to support demands for special "treatment" of selected offenders. However, the strong
effects of victimization registered in these data were not differentially distributed across
subgroups. In sum, most people do learn from their experiences, although other kinds of
learning are rational as well.
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